Major Industrial Designs Protection Symposium held and Publication of Articles

FICPI 6th Open Forum, November 14-17, 2001, Designs Symposium, Rome, Italy

Introduction. After extensive planning by Robert Mitchell, Canadian IP attorney, of ..., Joseph Koloasch, patent attorney, of Birch ...., and Professor William T. Fryer, III, of the University of Baltimore School of Law, FICPI held a two day program on Global Industrial Design Protection on November 14-17, 2005, in Rome, Italy, as a part of its 6th Open Forum. There were experts in industrial design law from many countries that presented their views how to protect designs in their countries. The panel discussion on the future of industrial design protection was of particular important.

Publication of Selected FICPI Symposium Articles

The Intellectual Property Law Journal, University of Baltimore School of Law, Baltimore, Maryland, U. S. A, published selected articles from this symposium and the panel discussion transcript, in their volume 10.2 issue (2002). Information on ordering this publication can be obtained by visiting the Journal's web site whose URL is:

The Table of Contents of University of Baltimore School of Law Intellectual Property Law Journal, volume 10, issue 2 (spring 2002) is reproduced below.

"Introduction of Papers from FICPI 6th Open Forum, November 14-17, 2001, on Designs Symposium, Rome, Italy ---- William T. Fryer, III


An Overview of Industrial Design Law Global Development -- William T. Fryer, III

Basic Forms of Design Protection - South America ----- Ivan B. Ahlert

Design Enforcement: A New Zealand and Australian Perspective ---- Philip Thoreau

Applying For Protection Under the Community Design System ---- Victor Saez

Examination of Design Applications -- South Africa ---- Alan Dunlop

Examination of Design Patents in the United States ---- Robert S. Katz

Infringement of Design Patents in the United States ---- Robert S. Katz

Filing Design Applications in Canada and the United States ---- Robert B. Storey

Panel Transcript ---- Coordinated by Robert Mitchell"


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