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2. This web site is for the purpose of reporting current developments and providing research information, alterting users to events and materials. Some of the information may not have been verified, but it is valuable as preliminary information or hints at what developments may occur. A comprehensive report cannot be provided. Where possible, the source of further information will be given with the web site information. The web site cannot provide copies of any resource materials mentioned.

3. The web site manger will answer questions concerning information on the web site, to the extent time permits, since the purpose of the web site is to stimulate the disclosure of research information. The opinions expressed by the web manager are not legal opinions. They cannot be used in any way in connection with legal opinions, legal proceedings or in published research, without the written authorization of the web site manager. The exchange of information concerning topics on this web site is not the practice of law in any state or country in which this web site is available.

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